Digital Dance (2011)

Digital Dance is a pioneer recording in four respects: authenticity of the virginals and harpsichord, authenticity of the dance rhythms, use of historic paired fingering and use of percussion in keyboard dance music.

Our Wedding (2010)

Organ music of Buxtehude, Purcell, Clarke, Gluck, Mendelssohn, Wagner, Widor, Messiaen.

Eloquence (2008)

L.-N. Clérambault, sons legs pour le clavier: L.-N. Clérambault, his legacy for keyboard.

Daybreak (2006)

A meditation on the six days of creation, performed on the 2004 Aubertin Organ, Saint-Louis-en-l'Île, Paris.

Keyboard Banquet (2006)

Attributed chiefly to Conrad Paumann (c1410-1473), this is music well-suited to the 1991 Gold-Strung Evans Clavicytherium.

Harmony-Lore (2005)

Of all the arts, music invites scholarly discipline since it is functionally pure, structurally scientific and readily notated. today, academic research underpins the the re-creation of early music. This CD comprises the tablature of Amerbach of Basel, 1513-32.

Tribe: Bach Organ Meditation 3 (2003)

TRIBE was recorded in Norway during the Millennial Olympic Games in Sydney 2000. The program demonstrates the influence of the great leader Jesus on Sebastian Bach as seen, for instance, in Bach's piety, creativity and grace.

Fundamentum (2002)

FUNDAMENTUM presents the oldest surviving music for two-hand keyboard, beginning c1359 with the Robertsbridge Fragment and continuing up to c1450 with Conrad Paumann's Fundamentum Organisandi.